I design experiences and services for new media* technologies.

*Computational, interactive digital media such as VR, AR or games

I work with human-centered design methods, in technology-oriented fields.

I believe that through design I have the chance to increase quality of life of others, by making everyday tasks easy, enjoyable and fun.

Creating meaningfulness through experiences is my main goal in everything I do.

Contact me:
experience design ︎ service design ︎ UX ︎ usability & accessibility ︎ interaction design ︎ concept design ︎ XR



Service design tools and methods
Workshop design and facilitation, user journeys, etc.

Usability, accessibility
Interaction design, gamification

Research Users, tools and products, processes
Physical prototyping


UX prototypingAdobe Xd, UXPin, Sketch, Marvel
Adobe softwarePhotoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, Premiere
+ Maya, Creo, Rhino
(And did you know you can also do 3D in Photoshop? I do!)

AR SparkAR, JigSpace
360° 3DVista, Thinglink

Work experience

Product Manager
/ Experience Designer

Stereoscape Oy

Case study highlights
Sisters Inc. Virtual workshop
Forum Virium Interactive guide to air quality
Helsinki Skills Center Soft skills training in VR
Fullsteam AR effects for Sideways Festival
Stereoscape designs and builds XR solutions for marketing, learning and training.

︎ Experience Designer
I plan and facilitate our collaborative design workshops to pinpoint our clients’ goals and challenges, and build a concept to solve them by affecting the users through the right experience – encompassing everything from technologies, user interface, accessibility, interactions, integrations, and distribution.

︎Product Manager
I develop our service and solution offering from a customer-centered point of view, including everything from internal processes (why and how do we build our solutions) to external communication (how do we present them).

︎UX/UI Designer
I design human-centered, intuitive and accessible user interfaces.

︎ XR Producer
As a creative jack-of-all-trades with experience in 3D modeling and programming, I also build some of our AR, 360° and other interactive solutions.

Creative Designer

Loiston Oy Ltd

Loiston is a fusion company in the field of software technology.

As the first designer in house, I handled all diverse design-related tasks. I built the company visual identity from the ground up, delivering clean and user-friendly designs.

I created a new look for the company, including visual guidelines, colors, logo, social media look, business cards and website UX/UI, as well as UX/UI improvements for Loiston's software products.


Steps Helsinki

Steps Helsinki is a Helsinki-based startup specializing in service design and digital marketing strategy.

My role was service design and digital customer experience. I did graphic and UI design as well, focusing especially on delivering minimalistic, clear and responsive experiences.


Aalto University

2017– New Media Design and Production (MA)
2014–2017 Design (BA)
During my studies I’ve worked in design projects with various companies, and gathered experience most notably in service design and human-centered approaches. I also took multiple courses from other Aalto schools studying business, chemistry, electrical engineering, etc.

New Media Design and Production (MA)

I’m working on my Master’s thesis in New Media Design and Production, in Aalto University. My studies included interactive art, electronics, programming, UX design, location technologies, VR, games, 3D animation and sound design.

I minored in Collaborative and Industrial Design, and spent an exchange semester studying Culture Technology in KAIST in South Korea.

Design (BA)

In 2016 I graduated bachelor from the Department of design in Aalto University (see my thesis production here).

I minored in illustration.


Hello! Long time no ocean

Pressing a seashell against your ear, listening to the messages of the ocean – did you ever wish you could reply?

Hello! Long time no ocean is an interactive installation, where the visitor can shout into a sea shell (or “shellphone”), and a sea creature will respond to the sound with light. Like most things, it’s better with friends: The more people making noise, the more colorful it gets.

Created for Aavistus Festival 2022 with Shreyasi Kar and Jasmine Xie. Currently on display at Aalto Design Factory.

When Light Echoes

An interactive new media installation exhibited in Finland Tower, Seoul, Korea.

Created using Processing, 3D modeling and Kinect with a group of other Aalto Media Lab students.

Process video by Reishabh Kailey

Robot Petting Sea

An interactive art installation made for Flow Festival 2018. On the top floor it houses angry little robot creatures. Through the holes on the bottom, the user can reach in and touch around various surfaces. If the user finds soft, furry areas and pets them, the creatures will calm down.

Created by combining Arduino, 3D printing and traditional methods together with fellow Media Lab student Shreyasi Kar.

After the festival, the installation was a part of Underneath – an immersive labyrinth by Recover Laboratory.

Service & human-centered design

Various projects for different companies
during 2014–2018


GameStop Oy Ab
Sales associate
Sold (and rambled about) everything related to games. Killed it in customer service.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Studied programming (C#, html) and techonology in International Business IT before finding my true calling in design.