The Sequel art and characters by yours truly.

‘The Sequel’ is a noir themed interactive short story where you follow a detective's mission to find out what happened in the previous game. Grim clues, surprise twists, suspicious people to interrogate...
There's no puzzle this exceptionally clever Detective can't solve.

Depending on which clues the player chooses to inspect, the Detective arrives into different conclusions about what went down in the original game.
Made during  Global Game Jam 2018.

Play The Sequel here. ︎

The Detective
Solving mysteries and rocking some fancy shoes. Pictured here with their trusted sidekick Dufus the foot.

The Maid
“Is that a ruffled feather or are you just happy to see me?” 

The Guard
Not the best at their job. They wear a tin can for armor, after all.

The Hero
There’s something familiar about him...
Dr. Crabs
Your classical evil scientist, now with a mutated crab-arm.

The Romance
The Hero eloping with the mechanical boss on a Moonicorn. Now that’s a twist!

The Bribe
The hero striking a deal with the boss on fire.

The Detective inspecting some cogs in the boss’ lair.

The Detective meets the Maid, the But(t)ler and the Guard in a hallway.